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Raizer provide users with the biggest network of active investors

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More than 70% of investors in our database have email addresses.

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Only real investors with available cash to invest (dry powder).

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We verified an info by analyzing previous deals made by investors.

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Find investors of any specific type, stage, sector, location etc.

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Only active investors with deals in the past 12 months.

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Up-to-date database and new investor listings every week.

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Vladimir Makarov
Co-founder of Emonomy
From the selected funds from Raizer, we received: out of 455 contacts, 443 were added on LinkedIn, 30% responded to email, and we scheduled calls with 5 funds.
Kate Tuhai
Co-founder of Sizze
If you've ever had to raise money, you know how tough it is. But what's super cool about Raizer is that it lets me get in touch with tons of relevant investors in just a few minutes, so I can reach out to investors without spending a bunch of time or money. I've used other platforms before, but they're either way more expensive or don't even have this feature.
Cheryl LeBarr
Co-founder of MADE
We’re big fans of using AI as a tool to help us move faster, and elevate what we’re doing on a daily basis. Cold emailing VC's used to take up hours of my day crafting the perfect personalized emails to get noticed. Even spending all that time we were barely getting any first meetings. Since we started using Raizer to accelerate our Pre-Seed raise we have noticed a big increase in our cold email success rate, leading to booking meetings and way less stress on my already full plate as a founder.
Duncan Stuart
CEO & Founder of Skibby
I highly recommend Raizer for its user-friendly interface and excellent support. As a first-time fundraiser, it was the perfect platform to filter out suitable investors and initiate connections. Your potential investors either exist in their database or not at all.
Anthony Rose
Co-founder of SeedLegals
I couldn't believe how easy it was to use Raizer to not just find investors, but show their LinkedIn and email address AND use AI to compose a message to them (which you can edit first). It's a game changer for investor outreach.
Fedor Panteleev
Founder of Kreo
Great product. In 2 minutes, I got a list with a bunch of investors precisely for my product whom I didn't find while researching Crunchbase.
Kirr Simakovs
Founder of Monosnap
I have been beta testing this product for a few days now and I am in love! This is a must-have tool for any startup founder who is raising money 🙌

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