February 13, 2024

How to raise money using Raizer


Founder of Raizer

Using Raizer is intuitively simple. We designed it based on customer feedback, so you should never have any trouble using it.

Sign up

To get started with Raizer, sign up for an account.


Once you're signed in, you'll see a well-designed dashboard with all the necessary filters, such as industry, location, and stage. By applying these filters, you can display and see relevant investors according to your search criteria. If you like your search results, you can save them to return to later.

How to craft the perfect email to reach out to investors

Raizer's built-in AI can generate emails for you, but if you prefer to write your own, here are some tips for crafting the perfect email:

— Keep it short and to the point.
— Introduce yourself and your company briefly.
— Explain why you're reaching out to the investor specifically.
— Highlight what makes your company unique.
— Provide a clear call to action, such as a request for a meeting or a follow-up call.

Additionally, personalize the email as much as possible and keep in mind the investor's areas of interest and expertise.

Reaching out

Simply connect your Gmail account and send emails to all selected investors in one click. Yes, it's that simple. Sit back, wait for the replies from investors.


If you want to export your contacts to send emails in bulk, click the export button at the top right. The contacts will be exported in CSV format.

What software to use for outreach?

Personally, I love to use different software for outreach. Here are my top picks:

Snovio: A simple and easy-to-use platform. You can easily export your contacts from Raizer and reach out to them within Snovio.

Folk: A very simple app, inspired by Notion. It has a clean interface and is a nice solution if you're about to reach out to a limited number of investors (up to 1000).

Sendgrid: A classic choice. Many people use Sendgrid for email campaigns but also for cold outreach. It's more suitable for email campaigns, but you can use it for cold outreach too.

Use Raizer to raise your round as fast as possible.