February 13, 2024

Top VC investors who invest in AI


Founder of Raizer

8VC — Fund Website

This is a technology and life sciences investment firm that partners with founders to build and invest in transformational technologies that create long-term economic and societal value.

Caffeinated Capital — Fund Website

Caffeinated Capital is a thesis and stage agnostic firm. They partner with founders at the inception stage and invest throughout the life of the company.

OpenAI Startup Fund — Fund Website

OpenAI Startup Fund is the venture arm of OpenAI, which also runs Converge, a highly selective, five-week program for exceptional engineers, designers, researchers, and product builders using AI to reimagine products and industries.

Basis Set Ventures — Fund Website

Basis Set Ventures invests in early-stage technology companies that fundamentally transform the way people work. They believe that artificial intelligence improves productivity for all parts of the economy, from factories to offices.

Root Ventures — Fund Website

Root Ventures is an SF-based hard tech seed fund that specializes in leading initial funding for founders tackling new technical opportunities. They are committed to being a long-term partner, supporting each funding round and bridging any gaps in between.

First Star Ventures — Fund Website

First Star Ventures partners with entrepreneurs solving real-world problems using data and machine learning, focusing on applications of frontier technologies such as AI, computational biotech, connected sensors, AR/VR, and blockchain.

Bloomberg Beta — Fund Website

Bloomberg Beta is an early-stage venture fund investing in startups focusing on machine learning.

Costanoa Ventures — Fund Website

Costanoa Ventures backs entrepreneurs who are hungry, thoughtful, tenacious, and looking to solve big problems. They specialize in enterprise and fintech, and that focus has given them experience and expertise to be exceptionally helpful to founders building in those markets.

Acequia Capital (AceCap) — Fund Website

Acequia Capital is a partnership and distributed network that is agile, diversified, and market-tested. They are at the center of a global ecosystem that attracts and fuels the technical founders and product teams building the next wave of global businesses.

Maverick Ventures — Fund Website

Maverick Ventures backs early-stage healthcare and technology-driven businesses through an evergreen fund structure. It was forged in 2015 as the private investment arm of the multi-billion dollar hedge fund, Maverick Capital.

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